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International - Sections - Chapters by name - Chapters by state/country

  Ninety-Nines, International Organization of Women Pilots
  A - L   M - Z
  Australian Section   Mid-Atlantic Section
  Brazilian Section   New England Section
  British Section   New York / New Jersey Section
  Canadian Sections   North Central Section
  Finnish Section   Northwest Section
  German Section   South Central Section
  India Section   Southeast Section
      Southwest Section
CHAPTERS - By Name (By State/Country below)
  A - L   M - Z
  Alaska Chapter   Maple Leaf (Canada) Chapter 
  Alberta (West Canada) Chapter   Manitoba (West Canada) Chapter
  Albuquerque (NM) Chapter   Michigan (MI) Chapter 
  All-Ohio Chapter   Mid-Columbia (E. WA & OR) Chapter
  Ambassador (Virtual) Chapter   Minnesota Chapter 
  Atlantic (Canada) Chapter    Mississippi Chapter 
  Austin (TX) Chapter   Monterey Bay (CA) Chapter
  Aux Plaines (IL) Chapter   Montreal (Canada) Chapter 
  Antelope Valley (CA) Chapter   Mount Diablo (CA) Chapter 
Bay Cities (CA) Chapter   Mount Shasta (CA) Chapter
  British Columbia Coast (West Canada) Chapter   New Orleans (LA) Chapter 
  Canadian Rockies (West Canada) Chapter   New York Capital District (NY) Chapter 
  Chicago Area (IL) Chapter   North Georgia Chapter
  Central Oregon Chapter   North Jersey Chapter
  Central New York Chapter   Northwoods (U.P. MI, No. WI, No. MN, So. Canada) Chapter
  Coachella Valley (CA) Chapter   Oklahoma Chapter
  Colorado Chapter   Orange County (CA) Chapter
  Coyote Country (Fallbrook, CA) Chapter   Oregon Pines Chapter
Dallas (TX) Chapter   Palomar (CA) Chapter
  Eastern Ontario (Canada) Chapter   Paradise Coast (FL) Chapter
Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter   Penn-Jersey Chapter
  El Cajon (CA) Chapter   Phoenix (AZ) Chapter
  Embry-Riddle Daytona (FL) Chapter   Pikes Peak (CO) Chapter
  Finger Lakes (NY) Chapter   Purple Sage (TX) Chapter 
  First Canadian (Canada) Chapter   Reno Area (NV) Chapter 
  Florida Goldcoast Chapter   Reno High Sierra (NV) Chapter 
  Florida Spaceport Chapter   Rio Colorado (CA) Chapter 
Florida Suncoast Chapter   San Antonio (TX) Chapter 
  Greater Kansas City (KS / MO) Chapter   San Diego (CA) Chapter 
Greater Pittsburgh (PA) Chapter   San Fernando Valley (CA) Chapter
  Greater Seattle (WA) Chapter   San Luis Obispo (CA) Chapter
  Greater St. Louis (MO) Chapter    Santa Clara Valley (CA) Chapter
  High Country (CO) Chapter   Santa Rosa (CA) Chapter
  Imperial So-Lo (CA) Chapter   Scioto Valley (OH) Chapter
  Indiana Chapter   Sutter Buttes (CA) Chapter
  Indiana Dunes Chapter   Texas Dogwood (TX) Chapter
  Intercollegiate Internet Chapter   Tucson (AZ) Chapter
  Iowa Chapter   Utah Chapter
  Kansas Chapter   Ventura County (CA) Chapter
  Katahdin Wings (ME) Chapter    Washington DC Chapter 
  Keystone (PA) Chapter   Western Washington Chapter 
  Kitty Hawk (NC) Chapter   Windsor Riverside (Canada) Chapter
  LA Palms (CA) Chapter   Wisconsin Chapter
  Lake Erie ( NE Ohio) Chapter     
  Lake Tahoe (CA / NV) Chapter     
  Las Vegas Valley (NV) Chapter     
CHAPTERS - By State / Country (Name Listing above)
  A-L   M-Z
  Virtual   Maine / New England Section
  Ambassador Chapter   Katahdin Wings Chapter 
  Intercollegiate Internet Chapter    
      Michigan / North Central Section
  Alaska / Northwest Section   Michigan Chapter
  Alaska Chapter   Northwoods (Upper Peninsula MI) Chapter
  Arizonia / Southwest Section   Minnesota / North Central Section
  Embry-Riddle Chapter   Minnesota Chapter
  Phoenix Chapter    
  Tucson Chapter   Mississippi / Southeast Section
      Mississippi Chapter
  California / Southwest Section    
  Antelope Valley Chapter   Missouri / North Central Section
  Bay Cities Chapter   Greater St. Louis Chapter 
  Coachella Valley Chapter   Greater Kansas City Chapter
  Coyote Country Chapter    
  El Cajon Chapter   Nevada / Southwest Section
  Imperial So-Lo Chapter   Lake Tahoe Chapter 
  LA Palms Chapter   Las Vegas /Valley Chapter
  Lake Tahoe Chapter   Reno Area Chapter
  Monterey Bay Chapter   Reno High Sierra Chapter 
  Mount Diablo Chapter    
  Mount Shasta Chapter   New Jersey / NY-NJ Section
  Orange County Chapter   North Jersey Chapter
  Palomar Chapter   Penn-Jersey Chapter
  Rio Colorado Chapter     
  San Diego Chapter   New Mexico / South Central Section
  San Fernando Valley Chapter   Albuquerque Chapter
  San Luis Obispo Chapter    
  Santa Clara Valley Chapter   New York / NY-NJ Section
  Santa Rosa Chapter   Central New York Chapter
  Sutter Buttes Chapter   Finger Lakes Chapter
  Ventura County Chapter   New York Capital District Chapter 
  Canada   North Carolina / Southeast Section
  Atlantic Chapter (E. Canada Section)   Kitty Hawk Chapter
  Alberta Chapter (W. Canada Section)    
  British Columbia Coast Chapter (W. Canada)   Ohio / North Central Section
  Canadian Rockies Chapter (W. Canada)   All-Ohio Chapter
  Eastern Ontario Chapter  (E. Canada Section)   Lake Erie Chapter
  First Canadian Chapter  (E. Canada Section)   Scioto Valley (Columbus & Central Ohio) Chapter
  Maple Leaf Chapter (E. Canada Section)    
  Manitoba Chapter (W. Canada Section)   Oklahoma / South Central Section
  Montreal Chapter  (E. Canada Section)   Oklahoma Chapter
  Windsor Riverside Chapter (E. Canada Section)    
      Oregon / Northwest Section
  Colorado / South Central Section   Central Oregon Chapter
  Colorado Chapter   Mid-Columbia (Eastern WA & OR) Chapter
  High Country Chapter   Oregon Pines Chapter
  Pikes Peak (CO) Chapter    
      Pennsylvania / NY-NJ Section
  Florida / Southeast Section   Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter

Embry-Riddle Daytona Chapter

  Greater Pittsburgh Chapter

Florida Goldcoast Chapter

  Keystone (Lehigh Valley & NE PA) Chapter
  Florida Spaceport Chapter   Penn-Jersey Chapter
  Florida Suncoast Chapter    
  Paradise Coast Chapter   Texas / South Central Section
      Austin Chapter
  Georgia / Southeast Section   Dallas Chapter
  North Georgia Chapter   Purple Sage Chapter 
      San Antonio Chapter 
  Illinois / North Central Section   Texas Dogwood Chapter
  Aux Plaines Chapter    
  Chicago Area Chapter   Utah / Southwest Section
      Utah Chapter
  Indiana / North Central Section    
  Indiana Chapter   Washington / Northwest Section
  Indiana Dunes Chapter   Greater Seattle Chapter
      Mid-Columbia (Eastern WA & OR) Chapter
  Iowa / North Central Section   Western Washington Chapter 
  Iowa Chapter    
      Washington DC / Mid-Atlantic Section
  Kansas / South Central Section   Washington DC Chapter 
  Greater Kansas City Chapter    
  Kansas Chapter   Wisconsin / North Central Section
      Northwoods (Northern WI) Chapter
  Louisiana / Southeast Section   Wisconsin Chapter
  New Orleans Chapter     


Last updated: 10/24/2011